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FIFA 23 vs eFootball 2023 Graphics Video Comparison

YouTube’s ‘ElAnalistaDeBits’ has shared a comparison video between EA Sports’ FIFA 23 and Konami’s eFootball 2023. Both FIFA 23 and eFootball 2023 came on old-gen and current-gen platforms. However, and contrary to eFootball 2023, FIFA 23 has better graphics on current-gen platforms.

As we can see, the lighting, textures and player models are better in FIFA 23. The skin shaders are also more advanced in FIFA 23, making players look more natural.

FIFA 23 vs eFootball 2023 | Graphics & Details Comparison | Analista De Bits

It’s worth noting that the PC version of FIFA 23 will be based on the current-gen version. Thus, we’ll be sure to benchmark the game and publish a PC Performance Analysis for it. After all, this will be the first sports game on PC that will be on par with its PS5/Xbox Series X versions.

Lastly, I’ve included below a video comparison between the old-gen and the current-gen versions of FIFA 23. This video will give you an idea of the graphical differences between these two versions.


FIFA 23 Base PS4 vs PS5 Graphics Comparison