Fenix Rage – 2D Hardcore Action-Platformer – Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Green Lava Studios has released a new trailer for its hardcore action-platformer, Fenix Rage. The brand new “Birdbone Islands” trailer shows off World Four where the kid gloves come off.

As the press release reads, players will feel the antagonizing ice attacks of the game boss Oktarus, who makes dodging the dangers of every level a huge challenge. Investing in extra gamepad controllers is strongly recommended.

Fenix Rage is described as a frenetically-paced 2D action-platformer that will test players’ ability to run, jump, and dash their way through a maze of dangerous obstacles, across hundreds of lightning-paced levels, all in an effort to track down a shadowy villain.

Fenix Rage will be coming to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Mac this Fall.


Fenix Rage World 4 Teaser