F.E.A.R.-inspired indie first-person shooter, Trepang2, showcases amazing Gore and Dismemberment effects

WilsonC has shared a new video, showing some lovely gore and dismemberment effects from his upcoming indie first-person shooter that is heavily inspired by F.E.A.R., Trepang2. This video shows how close to Monolith’s shooter this FPS actually is, so make sure to watch it if you liked the first F.E.A.R. game.

Trepang2 promises to feature an immersive single player experience with brutal, fast paced close quarters gunfights. The game will also feature chaotic shootouts involving multiple factions, and players will be able to go invisible to flank and sneak up on enemies.

WilsonC was planning to release a new demo of Trepang2 this Summer, however this new demo is not ready yet. As he stated, the game is much more fun, polished and has more features than the demo last year, however it’s not a big enough improvement that he’d want to release yet.

Anyway, as we’ve already stated, Trepang2 is perhaps the closest thing we’ll ever get to a FEAR sequel, so here is hoping that WilsonC will keep working on it.