Wanted Dead temp

Devil May Cry/Bayonetta-inspired game, Wanted: Dead, gets a story trailer

IGN has shared a new story trailer for 110 Industries’ upcoming Devil May Cry/Bayonetta-inspired game, Wanted: Dead. This trailer features a host of gory new gameplay footage, and sets up heroine Hannah Stone’s place in this retro-futuristic take on Hong Kong as she battles hordes of cyber goons and chills with her pet cat.

Wanted: Dead will blend melee sword combat, exciting gunplay and a unique limb severing system to deliver a deep action title inspired by the mechanically rich combat systems found in titles like Devil May Cry, Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Players take on the role of Lt. Hannah Stone, stepping into a dark and dangerous vision of cyberpunk Hong Kong as leader of the Zombie Squad. Zombie Squad is an elite team who work outside the purview of the traditional police force. Players can expect a number of combat skills that combine style and substance. Additionally, the game will offer cool slow-motion sequences, the ability to issue orders to teammates and a limb severing mechanic that changes enemy attack patterns.

110 Industries plans to release Wanted: Dead in Q4 2022.


Wanted: Dead - Exclusive Story Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2022