Dead Island 2 new screenshots-2

Dead Island 2 gets a brand new 4K gameplay trailer

Deep Silver has released a brand new 4K gameplay trailer for its upcoming first-person zombie action game, Dead Island 2. This trailer features new gameplay sequences from the game’s latest build, showcasing the game’s unique gore tech, upgradable weapon and combat system, and its gruesome zombies.

Dead Island 2 will take players across the most iconic locations of the City of Angels. Players will explore iconic, gore-drenched Los Angeles, and meet larger-than-life characters. Additionally, they will slay countless foes in exquisitely bloody detail, and evolve to become the ultimate Zombie Slayer.

The game will offer plenty of exciting quests, a crazy cast of characters, and a thrilling pulp story, to truly immerse you in its twisted universe. Furthermore, it will have a co-op mode that will support up to three players.

Lastly, Dead Island 2 promises to have combat that will deliver the most intense, visceral and gory first-person experience possible. The game will have plenty of weapons and tactical options to chew your way through the zombie horde.

Deep Silver will release Dead Island 2 on April 28th, 2023.


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