Doom Eternal-2

DOOM Eternal’s QuakeCon 2018 demo was running on a very high-end PC, will support the Vulkan API

During a Q&A session at QuakeCon 2018, id Software’s executive producer Marty Stratton revealed that the demo was running on a very high-end PC. Unfortunately Marty did not reveal the specs of that PC, however we’ve got at least confirmation of that footage being taken from the PC version.

Marty claimed that everything we saw in the demo was pushing the envelope of what id Tech 7 can achieve under very specific circumstances.  id Software aims to release a great looking game that runs in 4K with 60fps on Xbox One X and PS4Pro. Marty did not reveal whether id Software will be aiming for parity between the PC and the current-gen console versions, though he did reveal that the game will support the Vulkan API.

According to Marty, the Vulkan API will allow id Software to leverage the power of high-end enthusiast PCs, while still being able to scale down to consoles like the Switch. For what it’s worth, we were really impressed with the implementation of the Vulkan API in the first DOOM game, so we are really looking forward to DOOM Eternal.

Bethesda has not announced any release date window for DOOM Eternal yet!