Zelda Ocarina of Time Unreal Engine 5

New gameplay video for CryZENx’s Zelda Ocarina of Time Remake in Unreal Engine 5.2

CryZENx has released a new video, showcasing the latest version of his remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in Unreal Engine 5.2.

This new video shows off the “Inside Deku Tree” area. This fan remake of Ocarina of Time takes advantage of UE5’s Lumen which makes the game look better than ever. Moreover, CryZENx plans to release another gameplay video once he completes the “The Dungeon” area.

For those unaware, CryZENx has recreated numerous areas from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in both Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5. This is the only playable fan remake of Ocarina of Time in Unreal Engine, so we suggest giving it a go.

CryZENx will release a more stable build of this UE5.2 project for free to everyone at a later date. Or at least that was his initial plan. Unfortunately, though, we don’t have any ETA on when that will happen. Thus, right now, only his Patreon members can gain access to this UE5.2 version. Everyone else can visit his Discord server and download the free Unreal Engine 4 version.

Speaking of Ocarina of Time, we also suggest taking a look at this other fan remake of it. In February 2023, RwanLink shared this video showcasing his version of this classic Nintendo 64 game in Unreal Engine 5. Contrary to CryZENx’s remake, though, this one is not available for download.

Lastly, both Ship of Harkinian and Open Ocarina are still in active development. In case you didn’t know, these are two amazing unofficial PC ports of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it appears that its Ray Tracing Mod is no longer in development. After canceling it, its creator, Dario, started working on an N64 emulator Ray Tracing plugin. That RT plugin would support numerous games. However, due to major development issues, this plugin is not yet available for download.


Unreal Engine 5 [5.2] - Ocarina of Time - Inside Deku Tree [Updated] Part1 + Download link