The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time feature

First The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Unofficial PC Port available for download

A few days ago, we informed you about an unofficial PC port of The Legend of Zelda that will release on PC on April 1st. That project is titled Ship of Harkinian. However, this isn’t the only PC port of Ocarina of Time that is under development. In fact, the first unofficial PC port of this classic Zelda game, called Open Ocarina, is now available for download.

We first reported on Open Ocarina back in February 2022.

As its description reads:

“Currently assets are statically linked, however this is just until we get the game sorted. Once its stable, we will switch to an external asset loader. Stability, 60 FPS, and external asset loading are the top priorities.”

It’s still not a perfect port though as there are some issues. For instance, there is some audio static in the intro, and some audio errors with the ocarina. Nevertheless, PC gamers can play and finish the game, from start to finish.

You can download Open Ocarina from here. Do note that this build does not feature any game assets. As such, Nintendo cannot shut it down. Players will have to use Visual Studio 2019+ in order to create an executable build. You must also own the game, and create a ROM so that you can use its assets.

Lastly, here is an older video from Open Ocarina, showing an older build in action.

Have fun!