CryEngine 3 Zombie Survival Mod “Survived” Demoed

CryEngine 3 v2
Crusnik Crysis has informed us about a new CryEngine 3 project called ‘Survived’. Survived is a survival game that was created via the free CryEngine 3 SDK and can be downloaded from here (do note that CryDev is currently down). Survived looks pretty sweet, though it’s not excellent and has its share of bugs. Still, this is the work of an individual modder and it features what most gamers would expect from a survival game. Moreover, ‘Survived’ features an amazing atmosphere and its whole structure reminded us of Amnesia. This project builds tension through its atmospheric environments and does not rely on simply throwing zombies at you. To put it simple; Survived is all about the journey of encountering zombies and not about killing dozens of them. Enjoy!
CryEngine Zombie Survival Mod: "Survived" Part 1 (PC 1080P)

Survived MOD #2: "Death by Ninja Zombie" (PC 1080P)