Counter-Strike 2 feature

Counter-Strike – Source vs Source 2 vs Unreal Engine 5 Graphics Comparison

YouTube’s ‘CS:GO MEMES’ shared a new comparison video between the Source, Source 2 and Unreal Engine 5 versions of Counter-Strike. This video will give you an idea of what you can expect from the recently announced Counter-Strike 2.

Now in case you’re wondering, there is a fan remake of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in Unreal Engine 5. This fan remake came out in 2021, and you can download it from here. Needless to say that this fan project is not a complete/full game, though it does use some of UE5’s graphical features.

Anyway, this is a pretty cool video as it compares various aspects of Counter-Strike. The fan remake of CS: GO in Unreal Engine 5 looks more cinematic, most likely thanks to Lumen. On the other hand, Counter-Strike 2 feels like a blend between the Source and the UE5 versions.

In a way, it’s remarkable what Cloacked was able to achieve in Unreal Engine 5.

Speaking of impressive fan remakes in Unreal Engine 5, I also suggest taking a look at the Dark Souls 3 Remake. A few hours ago, we also shared a fan remake of the first STALKER game in UE5. And then we have the Zelda: Ocarina of Time Fan Remake.


Source 1 vs Source 2 vs Unreal Engine 5. Counter Strike Comparison