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Call of Duty Vanguard – 12 minutes of new leaked multiplayer gameplay footage

Activision plans to officially reveal the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty Vanguard later today. However, COD can take a look at some MP footage earlier than planned. Below you can find a video, showing 12 minutes of brand new multiplayer gameplay footage from this new COD game.

In August, Activision held an MP testing for Call of Duty Vanguard on Sony’s consoles. That multiplayer alpha testing featured the Champion Hill MP Mode. Champion Hill is a series of tournament-style head-to-head matches, where players can play solo (1v1) or squad up in duos (2v2) and trios (3v3) to battle it out in an arena consisting of four maps to be the last squad standing.

The official MP reveal for COD Vanguard will start at 1PM ET/10AM PT. Those interested will be able to watch it on YouTube (I’ve also included its video below). After the reveal, content creators will share even more gameplay footage from it.

Activision will release Call of Duty Vanguard on November 5th!

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