Bloodstained receives a Castlevania Music Pack Mod, available now for download

Ygnaris has released a must-have mod for all Castlevania fans out there. This music pack brings the songs from various Castelvania games to Bloodstained. Thus, this spiritual successor to Castlevania can now feel more authentic now.

Now I’m not sure whether this mod will stay live for a long time. After all, it borrows music tracks from another commercial games. My guess is that Konami will send a C&D letter to NexusMods sooner or later. Thus, we suggest downloading it while you still can.

Going into slightly more details, this music pack features music from dracula X, Symphony Of The Night, Harmony Of Despair and Dawn Of Sorrow. It also has music tracks from Order Of Ecclesia, Aria Of Sorrow and Portrait Of Ruin.

The modder also plans to add more Castlevania music tracks in order to replace the music for the bosses in a future version.

You can download this Castlevania Music Pack Mod for Bloodstained from here.

Have fun!