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Bloodborne looks amazing with this unofficial first-person camera mode

Garden of Eyes has shared an amazing video, showing Bloodborne with an unofficial first-person camera mode. This modification is based on the first-person mod for Dark Souls 3, and Garden of Eyes aims to also release this FPS mod for Bloodborne.

As Garden of Eyes said:

“Special thanks to Zullie the Witch, who generously walked me through the steps of how she made the mod and finding the different camera offsets on PC, which helped me greatly in implementing a proper approach on PS4 for Bloodborne, which was not exactly an easy task considering how limited PS4 modding tools are compared to PC.”

This FPS mode looks really cool, so be sure to watch the video.

Now unfortunately this mod will be only for the PS4 version. After all, there isn’t currently any PC version of Bloodborne. There isn’t also any PS4 emulator to run Bloodborne, so PC gamers won’t be able to use it. Yes, you can play Bloodborne on PC via PS Now. However, I don’t believe there is a way to run modded games via this subscription service.

In case you’re wondering, we haven’t heard anything yet about its rumored PC version. The latest rumor suggests that a Bloodborne Remaster will be coming to PS5 this year and to PC next year. Furthermore, and since Sony acquired Nixxes so it can handle all of its upcoming PC ports, we can assume that Bloodborne we’ll, someday, hit the PC. I mean, it’s a no-brainer as there is a huge Souls-like PC community.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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