Battlefield 4 – “Xbox 360 vs PC” & “Ultra vs Low” Comparisons

Battlefield 4 v2

The beta phase of Battlefield 4 is currently under way, and today we bring you some comparison videos between the Xbox 360 and the PC version, as well as comparisons between the game’s Low and Ultra settings for the PC. In case you’re wondering, no, we won’t be publishing any Performance Analysis for the beta build. After all, this is a beta and as DICE’s Johan Andersson confirmed, the final build will feature more graphical features and its options will be better tweaked. Battlefield 4’s beta will be open to all gamers this Friday. Enjoy!

Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 vs PC Graphics Comparison (Ultra settings, 1080p)

Battlefield 4 Graphics Comparison - Ultra Settings vs Low Settings 1080P