Arma 3 – Community Guide: Snipers & Launchers

ArmA III v4
Bohemia Interactive today released a brand new episode in their Arma 3 Community Guide video series. Taking a closer look at two specialized infantry roles, Andrew Gluck (better known as Dslyecxi) from ShackTactical covers a number of tips for sniper and anti-tank/anti-aircraft teams in Arma 3.
The Community Guide series opened with a more general introduction to Arma 3, whereas the second and third Community Guide took a closer look at infantry combat and multiplayer teamwork. The fourth video celebrated a milestone in development, as the game transitioned from Alpha to Beta. The previous Community Guide focused on helicopters.
Arma 3 is currently scheduled for a September 12th release, exclusively on the PC.
Arma 3 - Community Guide: Snipers & Launchers