Act of Aggression Gets Launch Trailer, Releases Tomorrow

Focus Home Interactive has released the launch trailer for Eugen Systems’ upcoming strategy, Act of Aggression. In this trailer we get to watch the brute-force US Army, dynamic Chimera, and shady Cartel prepare for war, where resource farming, base building, and management of nuclear armaments is the key to success on the battlefield.

Launching with two campaigns set along converging time-lines, Act of Aggression will allow players to follow the story of the Chimera – the quick reaction strike force – through a political climate of severe instability, then following the story from the perspective of the enemy: the illusive Cartel.

With multiple game modes and up to 4v4 multiplayer or vs the AI, Act of Aggression promises to quench the thirst of those yearning for more classic RTS experiences, albeit with high production values and the established Eugen touch.


Act of Aggression: Launch Trailer