Black Myth Wukong feature 2

8 minutes of gameplay footage from Black Myth: Wukong with Ray Tracing & DLSS

Alongside the in-game cut-scene video, NVIDIA has shared an exclusive video for the Unreal Engine 5-powered game, Black Myth: Wukong. This video features 8 minutes of brand new gameplay footage with Ray Tracing and DLSS.

The following gameplay video showcases the main protagonist fighting various enemies and exploring the game’s environments. Powered by Unreal Engine 5, Black Myth: Wukong looks absolutely gorgeous. And since this is a really beautiful game, I believe it deserves the spotlight for two separate stories/articles.

Black Myth: Wukong is based on Journey to the West, and will focus on the Monkey King and his special abilities. Additionally, the game will offer players 72 different abilities to use.

As said, there is currently no ETA on when this game will come out. My guess is that we’re looking at a 2023 release (though nothing is set in stone yet).


Black Myth: Wukong 8 Minute Exclusive Gameplay | 4K RTX ON - World Premiere