Control was running with steady 60fps with its ray tracing effects enabled at E3 2019

Remedy showcased the PC RTX version of Control at E3 2019. From what we know so far, the team will be using real-time ray tracing for reflections, contact shadows, diffuse global illumination and transparent reflections, and from the looks of it the game runs with 60fps with all its bells and whistles enabled.

Gamecrate has reported that the E3 2019 demo for Control was running on a PC that was equipped with one of NVIDIA’s most powerful consumer graphics cards, and it was told that the demo was maintaining a steady 60fps with the RTX effects enabled.

Unfortunately NVIDIA and Remedy have not revealed the specs of the PC that was running the Control E3 2019 demo, so we can only assume that this GPU was an RTX2080Ti and not the Titan RTX. Furthermore, the teams did not reveal the settings and the resolution that were used. Again we can assume that the demo was running at 1080p on Ultra settings. We also don’t know whether DLSS was enabled in the demo or not.

Still, it’s at least good knowing that the E3 2019 demo was running smoothly with all those ray tracing effects enabled. After all, Quantum Break was one of the most demanding games we’ve seen so, again, we can assume that Control runs better than it.

Control releases on August 27th!