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Warframe – Next-gen versus old-gen comparison screenshots

Digital Extremes has detailed the next-gen graphical features that it will be bringing to Warframe via the Enhanced Engine. In addition, the team has released two next-gen vs old-gen comparison screenshots.

The Enhanced Engine is a complete redesign to achieve more accurate reflections and give the development team the ability to utilize dynamic lighting and shadowing across the entire game.

As Digital Extremes noted:

“This is where the new rendering engine excels. It renders out the attributes of the scene (colors, glossiness, shape) to offscreen buffers. After this, proper dynamic lighting costs hardly more than those terrible glow sprites we’ve used in the past. For realtime shadows, what the light sources ‘see’ are cached and reused when nothing changes. All lighting and reflection probes are stored in a 3D camera voxel texture and applied in single passes where the costs grow linearly, proportional to their size on screen, without incurring huge CPU and GPU penalties to ‘draw the whole world, again and again’.”

The following comparison screenshots showcase the new dynamic lighting, as well as the new shadows and reflections.

Digital Extremes also hinted at future RTX support. According to the team, this new renderer will open the doors for future exploration in new technologies. Thus, the dev team may experiment with both real-time ray tracing, as well as DLSS.

Enjoy the following screenshots and stay tuned for more!

Warframe next-gen-1Warframe old-gen-1 Warframe next-gen-2Warframe old-gen-2