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The Witcher 3 – New Comparison Shows Decreased Amount of Particles Effects on Fire Magic Skill

Let’s get one thing straight; we are really looking forward to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. CD Projekt RED’s latest RPG looks really beautiful, however we also have to point out some graphical discrepancies between the game’s early trailers and the latest ones. And while we do not want to use the word ‘downgrade’, we can safely say that some particles effects have been toned down.

The following gif comparison shows Geralt’s magic skill. The first clip was captured from the game’s E3 2014 trailer while the second one was captured from the recently released PAX East gameplay trailer (kudos to our reader ‘Destined-Allied’ for sending us these gifs).

As we can see, the particles effects have been greatly reduced in the PAX East build, something that will definitely disappoint a lot of the game’s fans.

Now there is a possibility that Geralt’s magic skills may get ‘flashier’ effects once fully upgraded, so don’t bring the hammer down yet on CD Projekt RED. For all we know, the first gif may be showing a fully upgraded fire magic skill while the second gif may be showing a mid-upgraded fire magic skill.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt releases this May and CD Projekt RED has not showcased yet the game’s Ultra settings (something that definitely worries us regarding their performance hit/image quality ratio).

CD Projekt RED claimed – a while back – that is not afraid of post-launch comparisons between the game’s early E3 builds and its final version.

Stay tuned for more!