Shadow Warrior 2 4K Screenshots

Shadow Warrior 2 releases later today and below you can find some 4K screenshots from it. As always, we’ve included the MSI Afterburner statistics in these screenshots in order to give you an idea of how the game runs on a single GTX980Ti in 4K on Max settings.

Shadow Warrior 2 runs with more than 30fps in 4K and on Max settings on a single GTX980Ti, something that definitely pleased us. We’ll have more to say about the game’s performance in our upcoming PC Performance Analysis article, however we can safely say that Shadow Warrior 2 performs incredibly well on the PC.

While not technically as advanced as Gears of War 4, Shadow Warrior 2 looks – for the most part – great. We did notice some low-res textures, some characters look mediocre and the lighting under certain conditions appears to be flat, but overall we believe that Shadow Warrior 2 looks great.

But anyway, enjoy the following screenshots and stay tuned for our PC Performance Analysis article.

Those interested can download the uncompressed 4K images from here!