Resident Evil 2 Remake can look like a PS1 game on its absolute lowest settings

As we’ve already said, the PC version of Resident Evil 2 Remake comes with one hell of graphics settings to tweak. And from the looks of it, gamers can make the game look like a Playstation game by using its absolute lowest settings.

Resident Evil 2 Remake can run with 60fps on Max settings in 4K on an NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080Ti, however gamers will be able to enjoy a smooth gaming experience as they will be able to adjust numerous graphics settings.

In order to achieve these “retro” visuals, we’ve set all of our settings to Low, disabled all modern-day effects (like ambient occlusion, depth of field, volumetric lighting, etc), lowered our resolution to 640×480, lowered resolution scaling to 50% and then upscaled the image to 1920×1440.

Now I’m pretty sure that there won’t be any gamer that will play the game this way, however it’s pretty cool witnessing a modern-day game having this amount of graphics settings that can make it look so retro-ish.