Microsoft Flight Simulater new screenshots 2

New breathtaking 4K screenshots released for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft has released a new set of 4K screenshots for Microsoft Flight Simulator that will blow you away. Microsoft Flight Simulator has by far the  best graphics we’ve seen to date, even though it’s currently in an alpha state.

Similarly to the previous set of screenshots, this new one shows off some of the game’s environments. It also gives us a glimpse at three planes. Moreover, we can clearly see the beautiful Volumetric Clouds that the game will feature.

Microsoft Flight Simulator currently targets a 2020 and these following screenshots showcase purely rasterized visuals. IGN has hinted that the game may receive some Ray Tracing treatment, though nothing is set on stone yet. Still, it will be interesting to see how RT will further enhance the game’s already impressive graphics.

Last but not least, Microsoft is currently looking into adding VR support to Flight Simulator.