Flight Simulator 2020 feature

Microsoft is looking into adding VR support to Flight Simulator

Jorg Neumann, head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, has revealed that the team is looking into adding VR support to the game. The team did not initially plan to have a VR version of Flight Simulator, however, thing have changed. After the overwhelmingly positive reaction to its E3 2019 trailer, Microsoft is shifting gears towards a VR future.

It honestly wasn’t our plan, but we are listening, and we heard it. So we will try our darnedest to make it happen.” said Neumann and continued:

“Whether or not we’re going to pull it off for launch, we don’t .. we can’t commit to that at this point in time, but we have the desire. Given that we genuinely want to make the sim that simmers want, we will try to prioritise that over other things.”

This latest FS game looks absolutely stunning, and it would look even better in VR (at least in our opinion).

Neumann concluded that the dev team is listening carefully to what the community is saying. Moreover, it will adjust its plans based on feedback it is getting.

Microsoft Flight Simulator currently targets a 2020 release. According to reports, the game may also support Ray Tracing effects. Furthermore, the game will emphasize on simulation, is designed for PC, will support mods.