Here are some screenshots from Star Citizen Alpha 3.4

Our reader “Sean” has shared with us some new screenshots from the latest alpha version of Star Citizen. These screenshots also showcase the new area Hurston Dynamics Showroom and Central Business District.

As we’ve already reported, Star Citizen Alpha 3.4 adds sensitivty controls for headtracking in the options menu under “comms”, Lorville Central Business District, New Mission Giver: Wallace Klim, new armor, helmets, and a new personal weapon, as well as new visual updates to quantum markers and turrets.

Furthermore, Star Citizen Alpha 3.4 brings numeral bug fixes, adds a select/rent ship button to main Arena Commander splash screen, adds a “disband group button” for the party leader, makes the video call feed on direct P2P comms calls less transparent, improves FPS AI strafing behavior and more.

Enjoy the screenshots!