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Here are some new screenshots for the third-person gun fu action game, SPINE

Nekki has shared a new set of new screenshots for its upcoming third-person gun fu action game, SPINE. These screenshots show off the main protagonist, as well as some of the game’s environments.

As I’ve already said, SPINE reminds me of Wanted: Dead. Players can shoot their enemies and dodge their attacks. They can also use melee attacks. Plus, they can initiate some finishing moves.

SPINE is a single-player game where you play as Redline, a rebellious street artist. Redline will also have a smart combat buddy, Spine. Together, you’ll take on the autocratic AI regime of Tensor Corporation. While you’re fighting the bad guys, you and Spine have to learn to trust each other. As you progress, Redline will get faster and learn new awesome moves. The game even has special camera tricks and cool fighting scenes designed by action movie experts, making you feel like “the hero in your very own action movie.”

In March 2024, Nekki released the first proper gameplay trailer for it. That gameplay trailer looked a bit rough as the melee combat wasn’t really polished, and needed a lot of work. For instance, in that trailer, your punches and kicks did not seem to properly connect with the enemies. Your melee attacks also felt floaty and bad.

Let’s hope that the devs will keep polishing it as SPINE looks pretty interesting.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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