Half Life 2 Path Tracing-1

Half-Life 2 Path Tracing looks incredible in these first screenshots

Modder ‘Igor Zdrowowicz‘ has been experimenting with NVIDIA RTX Remix, and shared some screenshots from Half-Life 2 with Path Tracing. These screenshots showcase what modders can achieve with the NVIDIA RTX Remix Runtime that NVIDIA released yesterday.

Half-Life 2 Path Tracing looks amazing. The way the lighting now interacts with the environment is incredible. And yes, almost all light sources can now cast shadows.

Alongside the following screenshots, Zdrowowicz also shared a gameplay video. This video is from a WIP version of the Path Tracing Mod (based on Portal RTX). Thus, it’s not as polished as we’d like it to be. Nevertheless, it can give you a glimpse at how the game looks in motion with Path Tracing.

Unfortunately, there is no way to download this PT Mod yet. Naturally, though, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Enjoy the screenshots and stay tuned for more!

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