Final Fantasy XV – PC versus PS4 Comparison Screenshots

The PC demo of Final Fantasy XV has been already released and as you may have guessed, the first comparison screenshots between the PC and the console versions have surfaced. Resetera’s member ‘benzy‘ has shared the following comparison screenshots between the PC and the PS4 versions.

As we can see, the PS4 version lacks the higher quality textures that are featured in the PC version. Not only that, but there is no terrain tessellation at all, something that really surprised us. Anisotropic Filtering is almost not existent, and even the lighting and ambient occlusion effects are better in the PC version. Furthermore, and as you’d expect, the NVIDIA GameWorks effects are exclusive to the PC version. In the last comparison, we can also notice the increased LOD of the PC version.

Benzy did not reveal the PC specs of the computer that was used but it’s pretty obvious that it had a relatively old GPU (according to the MSI Afterburner that shows the GPU featuring only 2GB of VRAM)¬†used an HD7850 and ran the game at max settings plus NVIDIA Turf effects and 175% internal resolution. For what is worth, it’s possible to get a locked 30fps experience at 1080p with all the bells and whistles enabled on a GTX980Ti. For constant 60fps, owners of such GPUs will have to remove all the NVIDIA GameWorks effects.

Enjoy the comparison screenshots (PS4 is on the left whereas PC is on the right).