Fable Anniversary – Now Available On Steam, Comes With Limited Mod Support

Microsoft has just released Fable Anniversary on the PC, and oh boy does this port sounds… awful. According to various reports, there are no mouse controls in menus, there is no key rebinding (at least via the main menu), disappointing visuals and the internal resolution seems to be locked at 720p (though that has not been confirmed yet).

We have not tested Fable Anniversary yet so we cannot confirm – or deny – those aforementioned issues. From the looks of it, however, Fable Anniversary’s PC version is not up to what you’d expect from a company that wants to win back the PC crowd.

Still, those interested in it will be happy to know that there are mod tools for it (though you can only edit all of the existing art and animation in the game. You won’t be able to create new content).

In addition, Dirty Dan has released a guide via which you can improve the game’s graphics. Dirty Dan’s custom .ini file improves texture clarity, image quality, greatly improves shadows, improves lighting, LOD and particles. So be sure to visit Dirty Dan’s topic on the game’s Steam forums.

Microsoft has also released a launch trailer for Fable Anniversary that can be viewed below. We’ve also included TotalBiscuit’s First Impressions!

Fable Anniversary for PC seems a bit naff