Charlie’s Chocolate Factory Recreated In CRYENGINE

Crydev member ‘FunMeatPie’ has recreated Willy Wonka’s ‘Chocolate Room’ from the original book and film in CRYENGINE. FunMeatPie claims that he chose the 1971 film as inspiration as “it is a childhood classic, and a chance to create something unique within the world of games.” It looks quite interesting and different from all other CRYENGINE projects, so make sure to give it a go!

charlie_s_chocolate_factory__additional_1__by_wezarthur-d74dbctcharlie_s_chocolate_factory__additional_2__by_wezarthur-d74dbczcharlie_s_chocolate_factory__additional_3__by_wezarthur-d74dbd9Charlies chocolate factory

Charlie's Chocolate Factory - Blockout Gameplay