WILD HEARTS new feature

WILD HEARTS gets an 850MB patch on PC, does not fix its stuttering or optimization issues

Omega Force has just released a new patch for WILD HEARTS on PC, weighing around 850MB. As such, we’ve decided to test it and unfortunately, this update does not resolve the game’s stuttering issues.

As we’ve already reported, the game has regular and shader compilation stutters. And, this patch did nothing in order to somehow minimize (let alone eliminate) them. Thus, the game is still unplayable (at least in our opinion).

WILD HEARTS still has MAJOR stuttering/optimization issues

Additionally, the game still prevents PC gamers from adjusting their resolution while playing. At least, though, we can now make changes to all other graphics settings (so that’s something).

Omega Force has not shared any changelog/release notes for this update. Once it does, I’ll be sure to update the story with it. Still, and regardless of what the developers may claim, this patch does not bring any performance improvements or any PC-specific optimizations!