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Valheim Update 0.207.20 released, full patch notes revealed

Iron Gate has released a brand new update for its exploration and survival game, Valheim. According to the release notes, Patch 0.207.20 adds a pause function in singleplayer. Moreover, it introduces an FPS limiter, and reduces background performance.

Furthermore, this latest update brings full controller support. It also adds gamepad text input when running through in steam big picture mode. Not only that, but PC gamers can expect a number of bug fixes, as well as quality of life improvements. And yes, the game now fully supports Valve’s Steam Deck.

As always, Steam will download this update the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

Valheim Patch 0.207.20 Release Notes

Fixes & Improvements:
  • FPS limiter setting and option to reduce GPU usage when minimised, menu FPS capped to 60
  • Various console command improvements and additions, see console ‘help’
  • Fixed some dungeon parts not being fully deterministic (ends)
  • Nomap mode improvements (vegvisr alternative, nomap is server setting, max distance for shouting, random build/spawn rotation, ‘noportals’ command)
  • Resolution now only shows refresh rate when forcing exclusive fullscreen
  • Various UI fixes
  • Changed name of Unarmed skill to Fists
  • Helmets covering the player character’s face should now hide beard
  • “Reduce background performance” is available as a setting
  • Recipes for Jack-o-turnip + Yule stuff disabled
Quality of Life:
  • Building marker is more subtle and indicates piece rotation
  • Corpse run gives carry weight bonus to compensate for unequipped belt
  • Crafting stackable items while having full inventory now possible if there are are available stack slots
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes stackable items won’t be taken when having full inventory and pressing ‘Take All’ in a chest
  • Chat can now be closed using esc, mouse or gamepad B
Gamepad support:
  • Full controller support!
  • Controller legend visible in pause menu and settings
  • Controller text input when running in Steam big picture mode. Chat, characters, signs, pets etc can now be named using the controller.
  • Controller mapping of all game features
  • Context menus will now always show controller buttons when using controller
  • Alternative controller glyph style option
  • Skills window scrollable with gamepad
  • Crafting can be cancelled if pressing the button again (like with mouse)
  • Fixed some missing/misplaced gamepad tooltips
Steam Deck:
  • Steam Deck controller layout shows when playing on Steam Deck
  • Loads default settings catered to the Steam Deck
  • Improvements for several community translated languages