The Callisto Protocol feature 2

The Callisto Protocol gets a new 548MB patch, does not fix its performance/optimization issues

Striking Distance Studios has just released a new 548MB patch for the PC version of The Callisto Protocol. And although the team has not revealed its complete changelog, we went ahead and tested this latest update.

Unfortunately, this new patch does not bring any performance or optimization improvements. The game remains single-threaded, and performance tanks when you enable its Ray Tracing effects.

It’s ironic but imagine if the team offered a performance patch right before the launch of Dead Space Remake. Now that would have made things interesting.

As I’ve already said, I don’t expect Striking Distance Studios to resolve these single-threaded CPU issues. The easiest way to somehow mitigate these issues is by adding support for DLSS 3. However, and since this is an AMD-sponsored game, I don’t believe we’ll ever see DLSS 3 in this title.

But anyway, I’ll be sure to update this story with the release notes once Striking Distance Studios shares them. Until then, know that this update does not include any performance/optimization improvements.

Stay tuned for more!