Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Patch 1.12 adds support for NVIDIA DLSS

Square Enix has released a new patch for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin that adds support for NVIDIA’s DLSS tech. As such, this new Final Fantasy game now supports both AMD FSR and NVIDIA DLSS. Unfortunately, there is only support for FSR 1.0 and not for FSR 2.0

Update 1.12 also adds a new feature that allows the use of anima shards and anima crystals from the battle settings screen. Moreover, it resolves a number of bugs and issues that plagued the game.

As always, Epic Games Store will download this update the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Patch 1.12 Release Notes

Added Functionality:
  • Added DLSS settings to System Settings.
Applicable to All Platforms
Added Functionality:
  • A new feature allows use of anima shards and anima crystals from the battle settings screen, allowing players to more easily raise characters’ job levels.
Resolved Issues:
  • When browsing a list of rooms, the game no longer freezes when the cursor is moved downward.
  • During the tutorial, the follow-up attack after using soul shield is no longer unsuccessful.
  • Chain cancel now works as intended after unleashing any enemy attack.
  • Apocalypse warrior’s job action: Light’s end
    Follow-up attacks are no longer recognized as regular attacks.
    Follow-up attacks no longer remain on-screen.
  • Effects are now applied to all abilities when using command abilities seal of blood and divine sigil.
  • The extended duration of status ailments and debuffs (with the exception of paralysis) has been amended for the command ability jubaku.
  • For the class change properties of the merciless champion and gladiator, after landing a job action, parrying an attack now triggers combo abilities.
  • Job affinity bonuses and certain other effects that affect command abilities no longer affect job actions.
  • During multiplayer, job affinity bonuses and effects that trigger when afflicted with status ailments are now always applied (such as with the red mage and shadowmaster jobs).
  • The cyclic warrior’s job affinity bonus divine punishment now affects chaosbringer.
  • Jed no longer stops moving when resonance is activated with ninja as his selected job.
  • Fixed issue causing increased poison damage to certain enemies.
  • After destroying the body part of a boss with destructible parts, such as Tiamat and Dragon Zombie, continued attacks will no longer target said part.
  • The effects of stun and poison spells against the Ur-Dragon King now accumulate as intended.
  • Other various bug fixes.