PUBG Update 11.2 is now available on PC and here are its key features

PUBG Corporation has announced that the latest patch for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Update 11.2, is now available on PC. According to the team, this patch brings Season 11’s next content drop – Survivor Pass: Pajama Party.

In addition, players should also expect to see a variety of in-game quality-of-life adjustments and balances. Thus, they will find tweaks to the Erangel Map and updates to in-vehicle passenger shooting.

PUBG Corporation has also revealed its key features and shared a new video for it.

PUBG Update 11.2 Key Features
  • Introducing Survivor Pass: Pajama Party. Complete with more than 30 rewards players can unlock as they progress through 50 levels, Survivor Pass: Pajama Party kicks-off our new way of releasing passes, which are no longer linked in time and theme to a particular season. This gives us more options for content, duration, and even how many passes we choose to release per year. The passes will still follow similar mechanics with missions and rewards, so players pick theirs up and start unlocking today!
  • Erangel Map Gets Some Updates. Last November, we asked players which places in Erangel could still use some work. After looking over their responses, we opted to focus on the Sosnovka Island bridges. This rework adds more options for players looking to cross the bridge, whether they are looking to directly engage enemies or slip by unnoticed.
  • Gameplay and Balance Adjustments. Several patches ago, we addressed some core issues relating to aim stability in vehicles. As vehicles are a core part of our Battle Royale experience we want to encourage vehicular combat while keeping the game balanced. After examining our data and listening to player feedback, we saw a greater rise in the effectiveness of passenger shooting than expected. To address this, we increased passenger recoil and will continue to monitor the situation in case further changes are needed.


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