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God of War PC Patch 1.0.3 released, aiming to fix memory leaks

Santa Monica and Jetpack Interactive have released a brand new patch for the PC version of God of War. According to the developers, Patch 1.0.3 aims to fix an issue that caused leaks in memory allocation which could result in either decreased performance or a game client crash.

This is the only thing that this latest PC update currently fixes. Still, we are certain that a lot of PC gamers will be happy with it as there won’t be now any performance degradation.

Earlier this week, God of War surpassed one million sales on PC. According to the data, God of War is the most successful Playstation release on PC, surpassing both Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn. As such, it will be interesting to see whether Uncharted 4 will be able to top God of War’s PC sales.

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