Dead Space Remake new screenshots-2

First Dead Space Remake patch released, resolves the VRS issues

EA Motive has just released the first patch for Dead Space Remake. As promised, this update resolves the game’s VRS issues by adding an option via which PC gamers can disable it.

This patch is 400MB in size on Origin (and according to reports it may be around 150MB on Steam). Naturally, both of the stores will download it the next time you launch their clients.

EA Motive has not shared any changelog for this patch. The team has also stated that it’s currently looking into the other bugs/issues that players have reported.

As we wrote in our PC Performance Analysis, the game suffers from annoying traversal stutters. And then we have some really GPU-heavy scenes that will make you wonder why the game performs so poorly. Not only that, but the game does not feature any setting to adjust the quality of textures. As such, some NVIDIA owners will also encounter major VRAM limitations on higher resolutions.

Stay tuned for more!