Tomb Raider Caves HD Remaster

Tomb Raider Caves HD Remaster Project available for download

A few days ago, ilariacroft released an HD remaster of the Caves map from the first Tomb Raider game using the Tomb Raider 4 Engine. This custom map is really faithful to the original map, and can give you an idea of what a faithful remaster of it could look like.

Going into more details, ilariacroft improved the geometry, textures, items, enemies and music. Furthermore, the mapper added more elements to the gameplay and some other improvements.

The end result is a faithful remaster of the Caves level. And, you can go ahead and download it from here. I’m certain that a lot of Tomb Raider fans will find this cool. After all, this is a free remaster project for a beloved game.

Lastly, you can find below a gameplay walkthrough video from it.

Have fun!

Tomb Raider : Caves HD Remaster Walkthrough