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Dying Light 2 Patch 1.04 reduces DLSS ghosting & fixes mouse key binding options

Techland has just released a new patch for the PC version of Dying Light 2. According to the release notes, Patch 1.04 packs some DLSS improvements. Unfortunately, though, it does not fully fix the ghosting/smearing issues we’ve reported.

Now don’t get me wrong, things are definitely better than before. Instead of having major ghosting issues, there are some minor with some moving trees and grass blades. Still, though, things are not ideal and in this particular game, DLSS cannot compete with native resolution.

Alongside these DLSS improvements, Update 1.04 fixes some artifacts that were sometimes visible on some AMD cards. It also fixes the game’s mouse key binding options.

As always, Steam will download this update the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

Dying Light 2 PC Patch 1.04 Release Notes

  • Fixed various game crashing bugs
  • Fixed AI dead body replication in co-op
  • Added DLSS improvements
  • Fixed issue when players couldn’t sell valuables to vendor
  • Fixed artifacts being sometimes visible on some AMD cards
  • Also fixed mouse key binding options (meaning: you should be allowed to rebind your mouse buttons, we are still working on an additional implementation for extra mouse buttons)