DayZ new feature

DayZ has just received its biggest update in 2021

Bohemia Interactive announced the release of update 1.14 for DayZ, the biggest update of 2021 for its open-world survival game. According to the team, Update 1.14 offers some notable new additions, including contaminated areas, hunting traps, revamped helicopter crash sites, new animations for bullpup rifles, and a DayZ first – the LE-MAS assault rifle.

The Contaminated Areas come in two variants: static and dynamic. Static areas have high-tier loot. On the other hand, dynamic areas make the world more lively. Bohemia tried to make these environments as immersive as possible through various visual and sound effects.

DayZ Update 1.14 brings the following hunting traps: a big fishnet trap, a small fish bottle trap, and a snare trap. Each trap is able to catch its own unique animal. Additionally, there’s also a new booby trap, the tripwire.

Helicopter crash sites have also received some long-overdue attention. The Russian site has received a significant model update, alongside the addition of the smoke particle, which is now visible from a greater distance. Every helicopter crash site now makes a sound that can be heard from far away, thereby alerting anyone in the vicinity. In addition to all of this, the chances of finding rare loot at these sites have noticeably increased.

Update 1.14 also offers a new set of animations for bullpup rifles and introduces a first in DayZ – the LE-MAS assault rifle. The exotic-looking rifle uses 5.56x45mm ammunition in its unique 25 round magazine and offers single, burst, and automatic fire.

All in all, Update 1.14 adds a ton of new stuff and plenty of new adventures for DayZ fans to enjoy.


DayZ 1.14 Update Teaser