Super Mario 64 header screenshot

You can finally play Super Mario 64 with 60fps and proper physics on the PC via N64 emulators

Super Mario 64 is a classic 3D platformer that came out on Nintendo 64. This Mario game was locked at 30fps and while some emulator could run the game with 60fps, they had incorrect/bugged physics. Thankfully, Kaze Emanuar released a new romhack/mod for Super Mario 64 that allows gamers to finally experience it with 60fps and proper physics.

Now since the original Nintendo 64 console was unable to run the game with more than 30fps, gamers will have to use emulators in order to enjoy Super Mario 64 with 60fps.

In this latest version of his mod, Kaze Emanuar fixed most physics so they can work at proper speed, fixed all known crashes (all stars are now collectible), fixed the animations that weren’t interpolated properly, fixed the sliding, fixed the lag, fixed the blinking from damage, fixed the intro stuff and fixed some global timer stuff.

Those interested can download the Super Mario 64 60fps mod from here.

Have fun!

Super Mario 64 in 60 FPS HD Widescreen (Version update)