XCOM: Enemy Unknown Sports Specific PC UI Features

Good news for XCOM fans as Firaxis will include specific UI features in the PC version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. According to lead designer, Jake Solomon, PC gamers will be able to zoom in and out on the battlefield, a feature that will be present only on the PC version. XCOM: Enemy Unknown on consoles will have a fixed perspective.
In addition, a will be grid drawn on the battlefield of the PC version. This grid will allow players to see in detail how movement is affected by the terrain.
Furthermore, Firaxis plans on delivering a true XCOM experience to all PC gamers. As Solomon told Eurogamer:
“It’s interesting. Playing mouse and keyboard is a different experience. From just the way it looks when you start, the UI is different. The grid gets drawn in the PC version and we have a little extra help when you hold down the mouse button. Small things like that. Obviously we have to add a lot of new buttons and things like that. It feels good on mouse and keyboard, which it should. It’s XCOM.”
Sounds interesting, and we have to admit that the inclusion of the zoom feature is a big plus in our books.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown is currently planned for an October 12th release on the PC, X360 and PS3!