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Xbox Game Pass now has over 18 million subscribers

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has revealed that Xbox Game Pass has now over 18 million subscribers. In addition, Nadella claimed that Microsoft’s gaming revenue hit $5 billion, which is the highest-ever for a quarter.

Furthermore, Nadella stated – during Microsoft’s quarterly financial conference call – that the revenue from third-party game sales was $2 billion in that quarter.

To put things into perspective, gaming revenue increased by 51% in this quarter. Additionally, Xbox content and services revenue went up 40% in this quarter.

Xbox Game Pass launched in June 2017. In April 2020, the service had 10 million subscribers. Then, in September 2020, Microsoft was able to hit its 15 million goal. And now, four months later, the service has hit its 18 million milestone.

Nadella concluded that Microsoft is pleased with the overall growth in its consumer subscriptions, with Game Pass.

Lastly, Microsoft expects revenue to grow by 20% from its Xbox content and services.