WWE 2K23 Hulk Hogan

WWE 2K23 PC version will be on par with PS5/Xbox Series X versions after all

Last month, 2K Games implied that the PC version of WWE 2K23 will be based on the old-gen console version. However, in an interview with WCCFTech, creative director Lynell Jinks stated that the PC version will be on par with the PS5/Xbox Series X versions.

Here is what Jinks had to say when asked about the game’s PC version:

“If you have a good enough graphics card, it is on par with the next-gen consoles. Like, when we’re developing the game, we work on PC. All our tools work on PC. We export it out and run it on the consoles. Everything is authored on the computer. So, we’re looking at all the stuff at 4K or whatever, and depending on the graphics card, you can have that same experience. Unfortunately, you’ll pay a lot more to get that experience, but it’s probably easier to find a good graphics card than a PS5 or Xbox Series X at this point.”

So there you have it everyone. According to the devs, the PC version will offer the same visual fidelity/graphics as the current-gen version.

2K Games will release WWE 2K23 on March 17th!