WWE 2K23 Hulk Hogan

WWE 2K23 PC will be once again based on the old-gen version

2K Games has just announced the next part in its WWE 2K series, WWE 2K23. And, as the title implies, PC gamers will be once again getting the old-gen version of this wrestling game. As 2K Games has officially confirmed, WWE 2K23 will be not based on the current-gen (PS5/Xbox Series X) version.

As the official FAQ states:

“The Standard Edition is available on previous-gen platforms (PS4, Xbox One consoles and PC) and on current-gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S) in both physical and digital formats.”

And there you have it everyone. Apparently, our PC systems are not powerful enough for the current-gen version, so we’ll have to keep playing the old-gen version. And, at this point, I begin wondering why PC gamers have purchased WWE 2K21 and WWE 2K22 on PC. Seriously, stop supporting studios that give you old-gen versions of their games. You deserve better.

2K Games has also shared a new video for WWE 2K23, revealing its cover athlete (who is no other than John Cena).