WWE 2K20 Update 1.06 released, adds Create A Championship, addresses crashes, improves AI & collisions

2K Games has released a brand new update for WWE 2K20. According to the release notes, this update adds the “Create A Championship” feature. Moreover, it addresses various crashes in order to improve overall stability.

Going into more details, the December 18th patch resolves crashes that could occur due to running out of memory. It also addresses crashes that could occur when resuming the game from a suspended state or when performing a forced sign out. Furthermore, it addresses crashes that could occur when entering Showcase, Towers, and Originals, and when Legal Screen after launching the game.

Not only that, but patch 1.06 brings various improvements to A.I. behavior. It also packs various improvements to animations and collisions. In addition, it addresses issues with visual corruption and deformation in different areas of the game. It also resolves various clipping concerns regarding Superstars and environments.

The December 18th Update also brings a number of Audio and Online tweaks. For instance, it addresses reported concerns with music, ambient audio, crowd cheers and chants. Additionally, it addresses reported concerns about potential crashes, infinite load screen, and network error messages in various areas of Online Mode, as well as reported concerns that crashes may occur when the host quits out of an Online match, when entering a One on One match as the Host inside of the Online menu, and when accepting an invite.

As always, Steam will download this latest update for WWE 2K20 when you launch its client. You can also find its complete changelog here.