WWE 2K18 won’t be plagued by paid micro-transactions

In a day and age where every God damn full priced game features micro-transactions, it’s quite refreshing hearing that a new title won’t be using them. The team behind WWE 2K18 has announced that the game won’t be plagued by micro-transactions.

According to the game’s official Twitter account, the game won’t feature any paid micro-transactions and loot boxes for special items and moves will be unlocked by progressing in the online multiplayer mode or offline career mode.

Now while this sounds really cool, one has to wonder whether 2K Games will secretly add them after the game’s launch or in future WWE 2K titles. After all, the foundation for unlocking stuff via loot boxes has already been implemented in WWE 2K18, so we wouldn’t be surprised if WWE 2K19 features paid micro-transactions.

But anyway, the good news – at least for now – is that WWE 2K18 won’t be featuring them.