Wronged Us feature

Wronged Us is a new survival game, inspired by Silent Hill & Dark Souls, using Unreal Engine

An indie team is currently working on a new survival horror game that is inspired by Dark Souls, Silent Hill and Resident Evil. This game is called Wronged Us, and you can find below its debut in-engine trailer.

Wronged Us will be using Unreal Engine and will target a 2022 release date. Unfortunately, though, we don’t have any additional details about this game.

Now I’ll have to be honest here. A Silent Hill/Dark Souls/Resident Evil game sounds too ambitious for a small team. Thus, my guess is that the team is trying to build momentum and hype by simply using these famous games.

Anyway, the following teaser trailer does not show much. Still, and since Abandoned was… abandoned… Silent Hill fans may find this interesting. And hey… at least this teaser has more in-engine footage than Abandoned.

Stay tuned for more and kudos to our reader ‘Raiden Black’ for bringing this to our attention!

WRONGED US - Teaser Trailer