WRC 7 receives a new mod, overhauling its physics, AI times, damage & collision systems, and more

Pepisoft has released a must-have mod for WRC 7. This mod, called WRC 7 EVOlution MOD, overhauls almost all aspects of Kylotonn’s rally racing game. WRC 7 EVOlution brings new physics, new damage and collision system, new system of particles and dirt, new sounds, new FFB settings, new cameras, new AI times and new graphics.

Going into more details, the modder has readjusted the parameters of the physics in order to get more realistic sensations. Weight, traction, suspensions, inertia, brakes, grip, power, differentials, speed and center of gravity have been adjusted.

Players can also play with the car setups that come by default in the game and adjust to their liking the hardness of the suspension, the power of the handbrake and the distribution of braking.

As said, the modder has also tried to improve the the damage and collision systems so that less impact force is needed and the collisions are a bit more realistic. For this he has eliminated the loss of parts of the body, and increased the deformation of the car.

“Now you need only one impact strong enough to not be able to continue. Also the wear of the tires and brakes, as well as the other mechanical parts of the cars have been increased. Due to this new system, the bar indicating the damages of the body will be deactivated.”

Those interested can download the mod from here, and below you can find the rest of its key features.

New system of particles and dirt
It has improved the amount of dust and particles that the cars give off, as well as the dirt they accumulate, with the only goal of making it a little more similar to reality.
New sounds
It has been tried to give a little more power and gravity to the different sounds of the car, although not much has been achieved. To the joy of all, I think that soon a member of the group will have a new sound mod ready better than the one implemented in this version.
At the request of the members of the group, the position and distance of the different cabin cameras of all the cars have been adjusted. It is advisable to deactivate in the options the effect of movement of the camera, as well as the field of dynamic vision.
FFB settings
It has been corrected and increased as much as possible each of the settings of FFB of the game, it could not do much but I think the results are quite satisfactory.
Readjustment of AI times
Due to the new physics, the times of the AI ??have been adjusted, since in the lowest levels it was very easy to win, and in the highest ones it was almost impossible to achieve competitive times. Recommended to play at the extreme level to truly appreciate the experience of the mod.