Worlds of Magic Hits Steam Early Access On September 11th, Gets New Gameplay Video

Wastelands Interactive announced today that Worlds of Magic will be launched on Steam Early Access on September 11th. Worlds of Magic is a 4X turn-based strategy game set in a rich, fantasy world. Successfully funded on Kickstarter almost a year ago, the game is currently in advanced beta and will first be available via Steam Early Access on the 11th of September 2014 for 39,99 USD.

By combining classic elements, like randomly generated world maps and powerful heroes, with new game mechanics such as the D20 OGL rule set and expanded features, like seven planes of existence, Worlds of Magic seeks to hold true to the essence of what made Master of Magic a true classic.

Aaron Ethridge, Lead Designer, said:

“We are extremely happy that we can release the game at last and show it to the world. Now we are looking forward to hear all the comments and feedback from the gaming community, as for over three years we’ve been working hard on making Worlds of Magic a worthy successor to Master of Magic!”


Worlds of Magic Early Access gameplay trailer